dan bäckman

dan bäckman recorded frank zappa's 'bobby brown' (as 'jan banan').  the track got released on album and single.


  dan bäckman: sjunger jan banan (& nio andra lägereldsklassiker)
    (2002, cd, swe, sony / epic epc 510166 2) - incl. 'jan banan' (= 'bobby brown') (frank zappa)

  dan bäckman: jan banan
    (2002, cdsingle, swe, sony / epic epc 673178 1) - incl. 'jan banan' (= 'bobby brown') (frank zappa)

  various artists: ema telstar motor luger 2003
    (2003, 3cd,-promo sweden, ema telstar) - incl. dan bäckman: 'jan banan' (= 'bobby brown') (frank zappa)


random notes

2002/12, Bossk (R) wrote to alt.fan.frank-zappa about a new coverversion:

Hi all, I'm surprised this hasn't been mentioned here. As you may or may not now, "Bobby Brown" was a pretty big hit in Sweden and a lot of people know who Zappa was at least to the extent that they associate him with that song. This year, a comedy character called "Dan Bäckman" (played by comedian Felix Herngren) has recorded a cover of "Bobby Brown", with Swedish lyrics, called "Jan Banan", which has been mildly popular - you can find it on your favourite file-sharing service. I wanted to post the lyrics, with translation and discussion, but realised they would only look unfunny in English. Instead, some brief background: Jan is a male name in Sweden; Banan means "banana". For some reason, "banana" was a word used by a 1950s counter-culture of outlaws who drove American cars and listened to Elvis ("raggare") to ridicule what they saw as common people ("Svenne banan"). "Dan Bäckman", a long-running comedy character from TV, is a cultural elitist. In the three verses of the song, he attacks the working class, upper class and middle class, respectively (dumb, fat, plastic). In the chorus, he calls them all "Jan Banan". The production is sub-standard, though I like Herngren's oddball delivery. The lyrics, I think, work a bit like certain Zappa material in that they cut both ways: while Bäckman certainly is a character played for laughs, his social critique works on its own merits :)

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