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Lee 'Dink' Bridgers' Mindsweeper band performed and recorded in San Francisco in the late seventies and in the eighties. There are various Frank Zappa related stories on Dink's website. Zappa saw the band in concert a couple of times and the band even made a demo for him.

In the eighties, Dink Bridgers recorded a couple of tracks with Ray White and Eric Drew Feldman.

These tracks (and more) are available from Dink through his website. It says: "DK will personally burn a CD from a suggested song selection or theme. Each CD comes labeled in a case with hand drawn graphics for $35 to $100."
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The picture on the right is the cover of my copy of "Oh Come On, It's Supposed To Be Weird". It includes my song selection.

'American Portrait'

'She Lies'

'Hold Me'


And there's more over at:

  dink bridgers: oh come on it's supposed to be weird
    (199?, cdr, usa, private release) - feat. ray white, eric drew feldman

Mindsweeper was an unusual rock band created by Dink Bridgers in 1978. Based in the Haight Ashbury District of San Francisco, California, the band played small clubs in the immediate Bay Area and released a single vinyl EP in 1981. Mindsweeper as club ensemble was disbanded in early 1985. A few well known San Francisco musicians contributed to final studio recordings through 1986. The band's history and these rare recordings serve as testament to truly independent music driven by the unique vision of a single artist.
Songs in the Mindsweeper archive were written, arranged, produced, co-engineered and recorded by DK Bridger (1972 to 1985).

Welcome to a peek into the vault. Here are examples of recordings from 1978 to 1986,most published here for the first time. Personnel include Dink, Ray White, Eric Drew Feldman, Randy Jackson, John Haynes, Mitchell Holman, Rory Judge, Jerry Handigan, Tony Rome, Rock Cztar, and David Korman.


from Dink Bridgers, Citizen of -

From the sixties Bridgers performed off and on in rock bands, wrote songs and performed solo. He has taught guitar at the college level and as a tutor, worked on guitars as a luthier, and played guitar professionally for 30 years. In the 70's he put lyrics to music for A&M Music Publishing and played his own songs in clubs in around the United States and in Holland, solo. In the late 70's and 80's in San Francisco Bridgers fronted and produced Mindsweeper, a three to seven piece ensemble that performed in numerous clubs in the Bay area. Mindsweeper released the 12" EP Cocaine Zombie in 1982. In 1982 Mindsweeper performed at the Haight Street Fair  for 40,000 people. Nina Napalm of the Victims remarked that "Mindsweeper is what Motorhead wants to be." The most telling review is that Zappa considered producing the band, attending Mindsweeper shows at the Mabuhay Gardens, dragging his band along. In Zappa's office at Barking Pumpkin Records on the wall above his desk was a painting of Rembrandt's Plein in Amsterdam, painted by Dink Bridgers.


Read Rory's recollection of meeting Frank Zappa at Enrico's and inviting him to the first show that Frank attended.





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