filippo bellavia

Guitarist Filippo Bellavia is the father of Martin, Ruben and Emanuela.
Martin and Ruben are part of Ossi Duri, the italian band that has recorded several albums playing the music of Frank Zappa.

Together with his sons Martin (guitar) and Ruben (drums), and with the help of Simone Bellavia (bass), Filippo recorded "Zappa In Blues", and album on which he plays a number of bluesy Zappa compositions. Guesting on one track, is former Zappa-sideman Ike Willis.

In 2018, Filippo recorded an album as Showbiz.



filippo bellavia & b.street band: zappa in blues
    (2008, cd, italy, lazarimus lzrm 04121993) - all compositions by frank zappa, feat. ike willis
bstreetband.jpg (28550 bytes)
  showbiz: scattered hurricanes
    (2018, cd, italy, lazarimus)  feat. ike willis / incl. 'black napkins' (frank zappa)





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