françois bayle

Francois Bayle samples Frank Zappa on the album "L' Experience Acoustique 1968 - 1973 (volumes 5 - 6)". The Zappa samples can be found on the cut 'Journal' (1971)'. There's VERY MINIMAL use of snorks and a snippet or 2 of music from Lumpy Gravy.

The album got released in 1994 though all pieces had been performed/broadcast back when they were new.

From the liners by FB: "then come journal, apparently a collage, but in reality an attempt at continuity of energy, which once again introduces the radiophonic shock which extends the experience into every day tones. Well before the term existed (25 years!), here we have the aesthetic of sampling. Procession of iconic sound pictures (filtered Mozart, Jimi Hendrix, crowd, Madeline Renaud at the Sorbonne, hand-grenades exploding in the Latin Quarter, Frank Zappa, Beethoven...)."

Also of possible interest: Daevid Allen (Gong) provided guitar and Robert Wyatt collaborated (vocal) on another.


  françois bayle: l'expérience acoustique 1968 - 1973 (volumes 5 - 6)
    (1994, cd, france, musidisc) - zappa sampled in 'journal'



-- info: brainpang

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