geronimo black band

"Geronimo Black, the youngest son of the late great Jimmy Carl Black of Frank Zappa's Mothers Of Invention fame and the namesake of the 1972 band of the same name founded by his father, is fast making a name of his own both with his blistering guitar technique and his thoughtful approach to songwriting.

Inspired by the great musicians his father associated with Geronimo has been able to pay propper homage to his father while gaining his own unique insight to music and entertainment. Geronimo has traveled the world to honor his father playing the Zappanale, an annual music festival held outside Bad Doberan, Germany, the Grateful Garcia Gathering, an annual event in Black River Falls, Wisconsin and many festivals locally.

Called El Paso's "Greatest kept secret" and loved by many, Geronimo has been wowing crowds coast to coast with his brother James D. Black ( on daddy's drums ) and the GERONIMO BLACK BAND which includes guitarist Jeff Segreto and Robert Ramirez on bass. Playing with heart and soul like no other Geronimo has released a CD under his father's Inkanish Records label and has several more in the making."

Geronimo Black guitar, Darell Black Drums and Bob on bass.

Geronimo and Darell are Jimmy Carl Black's sons.




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