the jimmy carl black band

how blue can you get?

2007 cdr germany private release

in 2008, the album was made available for download by crossfire

recorded at juiceland studio erbach

jimmy carl black: drums, vocal
mick pini: guitar, vocal
roddie gilliard: bass, vocal
gregg witner: keyboard

produced by thomas atzinger

  1. it's a space cowboy  (s.miller)
  2. you don't love me no more  (l.grant)
  3. crazy not jealous  (l.allison)
  4. baby blue  (b.dylan)
  5. born under a bad sign  (a.king)
  6. the weight  (the band)
  7. same old blues  (f.king)
  8. subterranean homesick blues  (b.dylan)
  9. waitin' for my man  (l.reed)
  10. sidewinder  (f.king)
  11. like a rollin' stone  (b.dylan)
  12. sick 'n' tired  (a.domino)
  13. sad night owl  (f.king)