the grandmothers

it happened here
    = the grandmothers concert at zappanale in 2002

2008 2cdr ger arf society

the grandmothers in concert

2002/07/28 concert "zappanale#13", bad doberan, germany

benefit album for jimmy carl black

don preston: keyboards, vocals
roy estrada: bass, vocals
bob harris: keyboards, vocals
jimmy carl black: drums, vocals
napoleon murphy brock: sax, flute & vocals
bunk gardner: sax, flute & vocals
andré cholmondeley: guitar, vocals
glenn leonard: drums, vocals

disc 1

  1. you're probably wondering why i'm here

  2. lonely little girl

  3. motherly love

  4. the duke of prunes

  5. take your clothes off when you dance

  6. son of orange county

  7. more trouble every day

  8. flower bunk

  9. the idiot bastard son

  10. village of the sun

  11. echidna's arf (of you)

  12. in the sky

  13. silicone hump

  14. holiday in berlin

  15. big leg emma

  16. lonesome cowboy burt

  17. the eternal question

disc 2

  1. how could i be such a fool

  2. i ain't got no heart

  3. i'm not satisfied

  4. wowie zowie

  5. it can't happen here

  6. honorary membership

  7. love of my life

  8. soft-cell conclusion