black, pini, and jesdinsky

live in steinbach

2007 cdr germany private release

recorded live in steinbach, germany on oct.10, 2001

jimmy carl black: drums, vocal
mick pini: guitar, vocal
uwe jesdinsky: bass, vocal

mastered by jimmy carl black

  1. boogie 'till the cows come home  (m.pini)
  2. as the years go passin' by  (a.king)
  3. sick 'n tired  (a.domino)
  4. lookin' for somebody  (
  5. hoochie coochie man  (w.dixon)
  6. what makes a woman  (m.pini)
  7. last night  (w.jacobs)
  8. honky tonk woman  (jagger, richards)
  9. whole life lovin' you  (r.farrell)
  10. my blonde haired woman  (black, bailey)
  11. hey joe  (b.roberts)
  12. woke up this mornin'  (r.b.king, j.taub)
  13. like a road  (d.penn, d.nix)