jimmy carl black

when do we get paid (5)

1996 cd uk devine records devine 50 cd

the austin grandmothers (1)
  jimmy carl black: vocals, drums
  ener bladezipper: bass
roland st.germain: keys, vocals
  mike harris: guitar, vocals
  eli smith: woodwinds, vocals
  linda voldmetz: violin, vocals
  jeff hogan: percussion

clearly classic musicians (2)
  john isaminger: guitar
  matt mtiboub: keys
  diana martel: backup vocals
  wally stahl: bass
  mike padilla: percussion
  jc black: drums, vocals

big sonny & the loboys (3)
  byron farlow: guitar
  rich farlow: bass
  randy russ: guitar
  chava villagas: percussion
  jc black: drums, vocals
  darrel black: drums

the blues band (4), live in san antonio texas 1988/08/17
  chris holzhaus: guitar, vocals
  louie terrases: bass
  jc black: drums

the keys (5)
  tom board: keys, vocals
  larry hurst: bass, vocals
  johnny holt: guitar
  jc black: drums

produced by jc black and ener bladezipper

  1. trail of tears
  2. turn on your love light (4)
  3. goin' back to texas (4)
  4. stretch pants (5)
  5. just a matter of time (5)
  6. i'm ready  (2)
  7. love potion no.9 (2)
  8. cherry pie (2)
  9. ain't got no home (2)
  10. boney maronie (2)
  11. sick n' tired (3)
  12. i'm a king bee (3)
  13. sympathy for the devil (3)
  14. freak out in screw, texas (1)