jimmy carl black and the mannish boys

a lil'dab'l do ya (4)
    - incl.'big leg emma'  (frank zappa)

1987 lp usa amazing records am-1013
1987 k7 usa amazing records

in 2008, the album was made available for download by crossfire, with 6 bonus tracks

recorded at riverside sound: austin, texas

jimmy carl black: drums, vocals
gary primich: vocals, harmonica, guitar
gil hartman: guitar
frank meyers: bass
rollo smith: slide guitar
joe sublett: sax
ed vizard: sax
mel brown: keyboard
phil fajardo: percussion
tony young: background vocals

mastered at crystal studios, hollywood

produced by jim yanaway

executive produced by cass hook & scott stormcloud

engineered by tony young, eddie habib

  1. big leg emma  (frank zappa)

  2. let's talk about us  (otis blackwell)

  3. passaround baby  (gary primich, lee parks, charlie keane)

  4. you got the power  (gary primich)

  5. cut that out  (junior wells)

  6. who do you love  (jimmy carl black & duane bailey)

  7. stretch pants  (larry hurst)

  8. look at me (im in love again)  (fats domino & dave bartholomew)

  9. bitter pill lone  (gary primich)

  10. star jump  (gil hartman)