jimmy carl black and the x-tra combo

mercedes benz
    - incl. various zappa compositions

2001 cdr ?? private release  (limited edition)
2002 cd ger inkanish records ir001

in 2008, the album was made available for download by crossfire

jimmy carl black: vocals
stefan schubert: guitar, vocals
herb burger: saxes, keyboards
peter angerer: drums, percussion
horst hofer: trumpet
dietmar kastowsky: bass
sabina hank: keyboards, backing vocals

produced by stefan schubert
  1. mercedes benz (j. joplin)

  2. caladonia (l. jordan)

  3. i'm willin' (l. george)

  4. big leg emma (zappa)

  5. mellow saxophone (l. jordan)

  6. hoochie coochie man (w. dixen)

  7. ocean of love (black / schubert)  

  8. lady queen bee (black)

  9. low ridin' man (black)

  10. road ladies (zappa)

  11. blue eyed woman (black / bailley)

  12. mia cordozone (w. deville)

  13. black cadillac (schubert)

  14. i wish (s. wonder)