kerrie biddell

only the beginning
    – incl. ‘peaches en regalia’ (frank zappa)

1975 lp aus emi ema 314

kerrie biddell: vocals & backing vocals

produced by peter dawkins

side one

  1. sinner man (don't let him catch you)  (ashford, simpson)
  2. let it ride  (m.manchester)
  3. glory glory  (b.russel)
  4. genius  (ashford, simpson)
  5. peaches en regalia  (f.zappa)

side two

  1. harlem  (b.withers)
  2. easy  (m.manchester)
  3. lookin' through the window  (c.davis)
  4. parenthesis  (j.webb)
  5. yesterday can't hurt me  (lambert, potter)
  6. try a little harder  (d.riley)
  7. beginnings  (r.lam)