tim buckley

tim buckley (1)
    - feat.van dyke parks, billy mundi

1966 lp usa elektra records  eks 74004

1966 studio recording

tim buckley: guitar, vocals
lee underwood: guitar
van dyke parks: keyboards
james fielder: bass
billy mundi: drums

produced by paul rothchild and jac holzman

  1. i can't see you  (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  2. wings  (t.buckley)
  3. song of the magician  (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  4. strange street affair under blue  (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  5. valentine melody  (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  6. aren't you the girl  (t.buckley)
  7. song slowly song  (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  8. it happens every time  (t.buckley)
  9. song for jainie  (t.buckley)
  10. grief in my soul  (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  11. she is  (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  12. understand your man  (t.buckley)