tim buckley

goodbye and hello (2)
    - feat.jimmy bond

1967 lp usa elektra records  k42070

1967 studio recording

  tim buckley: guitar, percussion, vocals
guests :
  lee underwood: guitar
  brian hartzler: guitar
  john forsha: guitar
  jerry yester: keyboards
  don randi: keyboards
  jimmy bond: bass
  jim fielder: bass
  eddie hoh: drums
  carter collins: percussion
  dave guard: percussion

produced by jerry yester and jac holzman

  1. no man can find the war  (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  2. carnival song  (t.buckley)
  3. pleasant street  (t.buckley)
  4. hallucinations  (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  5. i never asked to be your mountain  (t.buckley)
  6. once i was  (t.buckley)
  7. phantasmagoria in two  (t.buckley)
  8. knight errant  (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  9. goodbye and hello  (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  10. morning glory  (t.buckley, l.beckett)