tim buckley

sefronia (8)

1974 lp usa discreet records  k49201

1974 studio recording

produced by denny randell

  tim buckley: guitar, vocals
  joe falsia: guitar
  mark tiernan: keyboards
  bernie mysior: bass
  buddy helm: drums
guests :
  tom scott: tenor sax
  fred selden: flute
  earl dumler: oboe
  lee underwood: guitar
  bob rafkin: guitar
  denny randell: keyboards
  king errisson: percussion
  kenneth watson: percussion
  larry bunker: percussion
  myrna matthews: backing vocals
  sharon beard: backing vocals
  lisa roberts: backing vocals
  marcia waldorf: backing vocals

  1. dolphins  (f.neil)
  2. honey man  (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  3. because of you  (t.buckley)
  4. peanut man  (f.freeman, h.nehls)
  5. martha  (t.waits)
  6. quicksand  (t.buckley)
  7. i know i'd recognize your face  (d.randell, l.baron)
  8. stone in love  (t.buckley)
  9. sefronia (after asklepiades, after kafka)  (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  10. sefronia (the king's chain)   (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  11. sally go 'round the roses  (t.buckley)