tim buckley

dream letter - live in london 1968 (10)

1990 2cd uk demon records  d fiend cd 200

1968 live recording

  tim buckley: guitar, vocals
  lee underwood: guitar
  danny thompson: bass
  david friedman: vibes
guests :
  pete drummond: vocals

produced by bill inglot and lee hammond

  1. a. introduction  (p.drummond)
    b. buzzin' fly  (t.buckley)
  2. phantasmagoria in two  (t.buckley)
  3. morning glory  (t.buckley, l.beckett)
  4. dolphins  (f.neil)
  5. i've been out walking  (t.buckley)
  6. the earth is broken  (t.buckley)
  7. who do you love  (t.buckley)
  8. a. pleasant street  (t.buckley)
    b. you keep me hanging on
    (b.holland, l.dozier, e.holland)
  9. a. love from room 109
    b. strange feelin' 
  10. a. carnival song  (t.buckley)
    b. hi lily, hi lo (h.deutsch)
  11. hallucinations  (t.buckley)
  12. troubadour  (t.buckley)
  13. a. dream letter
    b. happy time (t.buckley)
  14. a. wayfaring stranger
    b. you got me runnin' 
  15. once i was   (t.buckley)