tim buckley

live at the troubadour 1969

1994 cd fr edsel records edcd 400

1969 live recording

tim buckley: guitar, vocals
lee underwood: guitar, piano
john balkin: bass
art tripp: drums
carter collins: percussion

produced by bill inglot and lee hammond

  1. strange feelin'  (t.buckley)
  2. a. introduction
    b. venice mating call  (t.buckley)
  3. i don't need it to rain  (t.buckley)
  4. a. introduction
    b. i had a talk with my woman   (t.buckley)
  5. gypsy woman  (t.buckley)
  6. blue melody  (t.buckley)
  7. chase the blues away  (t.buckley)
  8. driftin'  (t.buckley)
  9. nobody walkin'  (t.buckley)