anton corbijn

Dutch photographer Anton Corbijn has good relationship with Don Van Vliet. Not only did he make some great pictures of the Captain, he's also responsible for the excellent "Some Yoyo Stuff" documentary about Don Van Vliet.

Corbijn also published a book with so-called self-portraits, each time disguised as a music legend. The book is called "a. somebody, strijen, holland", and the picture on the right, called 'anton z.' is taken from that book.

In 2007, Anton Corbijn directed a documentary / biopicture about Ian Curtis & Joy Division, entitled "Control".


2012 saw the release of "Anton Corbijn Inside Out", a documentary about Anton Corbijn by Klaartje Quirijns.


  anton corbijn: some yoyo stuff
    (1993, video, ??) - a documentary about don van vliet







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