brad cole
biographical information

from: patrick neve (

other than the fact that he played piano on them or us, i don't quite know what to say about brad cole.  he played with michael bolton, and also did some work with garfield.  whatever pays the bills i guess.  oh, and he also played on kathy troccoli's album, who may or may not be related to aff-z'er (and sst recording artist) tom troccoli!

      from: ruben valtierra (

hi, this is ruben valtierra, keyboardist w/weird al yankovic w/ info on brad cole. brads been touring and recording with phil collins for at least ten years.hes very talented

      from scott thunes:

yes, brad cole was 'in the band' as far as i was concerned at that point. he was great and i was totally depressed to find that he was going back with phil collins for tons more money than frank was offering. one of my favorite pieces at that point in my life was the bartok piano concerto no. 2. he played me the cadenza from the first movement and i wanted to fuck him right there in the studio. he quit just a little while after that and ruined the 84 tour by having frank hire alan zavod ruined!!!


brad cole - keyboards and electronic vocal on in the air tonight; missionary. some people find the word exciting, though probablybrad likes any position; well why not, he deserves a break. he has the toughest gig in the band as he has to comprass layers of keyboards into a live situation and, of coasre, play with only one pair of hands. indispensable is not a cord to throw around. so i won't. well... okay i will. he has played with (and then left) including gino vanelli, natalie cole (no relation), michael bolton, johnny mathis, earth wind and fire, frank zappa, tony bennett, david sanborn, quincy jone, lionel richie, and many more he's too embarrassed to mention. ladies and gentlemen, mr. brad cole.