Early 2005, the Calefax reed quintet performed at the "Brothers of Invention" festival, playing compositions by a.o. Zappa, Ives, Nancarrow and Ten Holt. 
February 2009, Calefax got a spot on "Vrije Geluiden", a Dutch national tv show, joining pianist Ivo Janssen to perform pieces by Conlon Nancarrow.

picture on the right by Deen van Meer.


2005/03/04 concert 'doelene, rotterdam, the netherlands
2005/04/19 concert ‘de link’, tilburg, the netherlands

the program
Zappa - Black Page Suite
Ives - Study no.20
Stravinsky - Three pieces for clarinet solo
Nancarrow - Studies for player piano
Signer - The Sheriff’s Collection
Ten Holt - Nieuw werk voor Calefax en gitaar

and there's more,

2005/04/28, they'll be performing "Far East, Wild West" in Amsterdam, NL:

2005/04/28 concert ‘bimhuis’, amsterdam, nl

performing Ellington, Zappa, McGowan and Ten Holt.

For this concert the Calefax quintet will feature Klaas ten Holt (guitar), Maarten Ornstein (reeds),  Tony Overwater (bass) and Wim Kegel (drums) as special guests.



the others of invention



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