the calvanes

in harmony
    - incl.'memories of el monte' (frank zappa / ray collins)

2001 cd usa hightone records hcd8130

bob adams: vocals
herman pruitt: vocals
jimmy corbitt: vocals
freddie willis: vocals

mastered by bob stone

produced by bruce bromberg & larry sloven

  1. traveling stranger
  2. a casual kiss
  3. when we get married
  4. buzz buzz buzz
  5. new love
  6. the way you look tonight
  7. up on the mountain
  8. adorable
  9. you promised me
  10. mary lou
  11. when the swallows come back to capistrano
  12. don't take your love from me
  13. lady lady
  14. you cheated
  15. smokey joe's cafe
  16. take the key
  17. memories of el monte (zappa / collins)