canned heat

hallelujah (4)
    - feat.henry vestine, elliot ingber

1969 lp usa liberty records  lst-7618

1969 studio recording

  bob 'the bear' hite: harmonica & vocals
  alan 'blind owl' wilson: guitar, harmonica, vocals
  henry 'sunflower' vestine: guitar
  larry 'the mole' taylor: bass
  adolfo 'fito' de la parra: drums
guests :
  mark naftalin: keyboards
  ernest lane: keyboards
  mike pacheco: percussion
elliot ingber: backing vocals
  skip diamond: backing vocals
  javier batise: backing vocals

produced by skip taylor and canned heat

  1. same all over (b.hite, a.wilson, h.vestine, l.taylor, la parra)

  2. change my ways (a.wilson)

  3. canned heat  (b.hite)

  4. sic 'em pigs (b.hite, b.t.white)

  5. i'm her man (a.leigh)

  6. time was  (a.wilson)

  7. do not enter  (a.wilson)

  8. big fat (f.domino)

  9. huautla (v.wolf)

  10. get off my back (a.wilson)

  11. down in the gutter, but free (b.hite, a.wilson, h.vestine, l.taylor, la parra)