canned heat

historical figures and ancient heads  (10)
- feat.henry vestine

1972 lp usa united artists records  uas 29304

1972 studio recording

  bob 'the bear' hite: harmonica, vocals
henry 'wildman' vestine: guitar
  joel scott hil: guitar
antonio de la barreda: bass
adolfo de la parra: drums, piano
guests :
  clifford solomon: sax
  charles lloyd: flute
  harvey mandel: guitar
  lernest lane: piano
  ray bushbaum: piano
  little richard (penniman): piano, vocals
  kevin burton: organ

produced by skip taylor and jim taylor

  1. sneakin' around (robinson)

  2. hill's stomp (j.hill)

  3. rockin' with the king  (s.taylor, r.penniman)

  4. i don't care what you tell me (c.lloyd)

  5. long way from l.a. (j.baker)

  6. cherokee dance (r.landers)

  7. that's all right  (

  8. utah (b.hite, h.vestine, j.hill, la barreda, la parra)