canned heat 

the new age (11)
     - feat.henry vestine

1973 lp usa united artists records uas 29455

1972 studio recording

  bob hite: vocals
  henry vestine: guitar
  james shane: guitar, bass, vocals
  ed beyer: keyboards
  richard hite: bass, guitar, vocals
  fito de la parra: drums
guests :
  the clara ward singers

produced by skip taylor

  1. keep it clean (b.hite)

  2. harley davidson blues  (j.shane)

  3. don't deceive me  (b.hite)

  4. you can run, but you sure can't hide  (e.beyer)

  5. lookin' for my rainbow  (j.shane)

  6. rock and roll music  (b.hite)

  7. framed  (j.leiber, m.stoller)

  8. election blues  (e.beyer)

so long wrong  (j.shane)