canned heat

one more river to cross  (12)
- feat.henry vestine

1973 lp usa atlantic  sd 7289

1973 studio recording

  bob ‘the bear’ hite: harmonica, vocals
  henry vestine: guitar
  james shane: guitar, bass
  ed beyer: keyboards
  richard hite: bass, guitar
  adolfo ‘fito’ de la parra : drums
guests :
  harrison calloway: trumpet
  charles rose : trombone
  harvey thompson: tenor sax
  ronnie eades : baritone sax

produced by barry beckett and roger hawkins

  1. one more river to cross (d.moore)

  2. l.a. town  (b.hite, r.hite, s.taylor)

  3. i need someone  (b.hite)

  4. bagful of boogie  (b.hite, j.shane, e.beyer, la parra)

  5. i'm a hog for you, baby  (j.leiber, m.stoller)

  6. you am what you am  (j.shane)

  7. shake, rattle and roll  (c.calhoun)

  8. bright times are comin'  (e.beyer, r.hite, s.taylor)

  9. highway 401  (r.hite, la parra, s.taylor)

  10. we remember fats (fats domino medley)
    a. introduction (r.hite, b.beckett, s.taylor)
    b. the fat man (a.domino, d.bartholomew)
    c. i'm in love again (a.domino, d.bartholomew)
    d. i'm walkin'  (a.domino, d.bartholomew)
    e. whole lot of loving  (a.domino, d.bartholomew)
    f. let the four winds blow  (a.domino, d.bartholomew)
    g. i'm ready  (a.domino, a.lewis, s.bradford)
    h. so long  (a.domino, d.bartholomew)