canned heat

boogie up the country  (18)
- feat.henry vestine

1988 cd usa in.akustik  inak 8804 cd

1987 live recording

james t (thornbury): guitar, harmonica, flute, vocals
henry vestine: guitar
larry taylor: bass
fito de la parra : drums

produced by bernhard rossle

  1. mercury blues  (k.c.douglas, r.geddins)

  2. take me to the river  (

  3. rollin' and tumblin'  (mck.morganfield)

  4. amphetamine annie  (b.hite, a.wilson, h.vestine, l.taylor, la parra)

  5. bullfrog blues  (trad.)

  6. sweet home chicago  (trad.)

  7. kidman blues  (s.j.estes)

  8. going up the country  (a.wilson)

  9. let's work together  (w.harrison)

  10. trouble no more  (mck.morganfield)

  11. younderswall  (e.james)

  12. boogie  (b.hite, a.wilson, h.vestine, l.taylor, la parra)