canned heat

blues band  (24)
- feat.henry vestine

1997 cd usa rowyna music  rw 5020

1996 studio recording

  robert lucas: harmonica, guitar, vocals
  henry 'the sunflower' vestine: guitar
  junior watson: guitar
  adolfo ‘fito’ de la parra: drums, vocals
guests :
  juke logan: organ
  larry ‘the mole’ taylor: bass
  greg kage: bass
  brenda burnes: vocals

produced by fito de la parra

  1. stranger  (e.james, b.robinson)

  2. quiet woman  (r.lucas)

  3. iron horse  (r.lucas)

  4. jr's shuffle  (j.watson, la parra)

  5. creole queen  (r.lucas)

  6. keep it to yourself  (s.b.williamson)

  7. boogie music  (l.tatman)

  8. goin' up the country  (a.wilson)

  9. see these tears  (r.lucas)

  10. one kind favour  (l.tatman)

  11. oh baby  (r.lucas, la parra)

  12. gorgo boogie  (r.lucas, la parra)