the book

the CD

by rudy vanderlans
    (emigre,usa, 2000)

= photo-book + cd

the cd:

  1. lancaster (a field recording)
  2. gary lucas: hurly burly comin' down (gary lucas)
  3. john french: vienna sausage waltz (john french)
  4. zoot horn rollo: don's secret (zoot horn rollo)
  5. woodland hills (a field recording)

track 1: field recording in lancaster, los angeles, usa; september 1999

track 2: gary lucas solo on acoustic guitar, live at the knitting factory, nyc, ny, usa; 1999/11/16

track 3: john french: midi bass, guitar, marimba and piano
            recorded in 1999

track 4:     zoot horn rollo: baritone guitar and bass programming
                brian price: violin
                allen bosworth: drums
            recorded in 2000

track 5: field recording outside the trout mask replica house
            woodland hills, california, usa; february 2000