catholic girls

Catholic Girls were inspired by, and took their name from the Zappa song. The band did not play any Zappa compositions.

They did appear on the Flo & Eddie TV show in 1982.


  catholic girls: catholic girls
    (1982, lp, usa, mca records 5350)


random notes

     from: pfaller thomas ( - date: mon, 02 mar 1998 16:02:03 gmt
i was in london last week and i was also looking for any zappa related events. the only thing i found was a zappa cover band called catholic girls. i am not sure about their exact concert date but it was in the first half of march. the location is a little bar in a side road of the charring cross road. i think it was at the same height as the denmark street. i donīt remember the exact name of the bar either, i think it was called acoustic cafe or something.
bye thomas

more information on the catholic girls can be found at and (under "rock artists").

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