cats cradle

Cats Cradle performed Frank Zappa's 'Peaches En Regalia' in concert.


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CATS CRADLE - (Contributed by David Holloway) DH writes: "Another group I remember was called "Cats Cradle". They played mostly at the "Garter" down on the river walk. Very small club-very tight group, consisting of a female lead singer, drums, bass, keyboard (Ricky Hernandez) , and guitar (Mike Sunjka). They played several songs from Jesus Christ Superstar." (Contributed by Michael Lucke) MLucke writes: "Suzy Jenson sang, Steve Spencer was the drummer, Ricky Hernandez played organ, Mike Szunka was on guitar, and Bob whose last name I have forgotten played bass. They played nightly at the Garter on the river, and played everything from Leon Russell (Of Thee I Sing), Frank Zappa's Peaches en Regalia, some early Allman Bros., the medley from side two of the Beatles' Abbey Road, plus some jazz guitar from folks like Wes Montgomery. Oh, you can throw in some Stones, Joe Cocker, and Steve Winwood, too. A really entertaining bar band."

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