the chicago ate

March 9, 2009, the Chicago Ate (or) The Utility Muffin Research Kitchen Employees' Union Memorial Band (Chicago Chapter) presented "JOE'S GARAGE" at the 'Martyr's' club in Chicago, IL, usa.

Colby Beserra, Matt Reed, and Ben Wilson -- vocals
Chris Siebold and Mike Pinto -- guitars
Paul Mutzbaugh -- keys
Chris Clemente -- bass
Rick Vitek -- drums
Amanda Wilson -- Mary

the setlist:


The show got recorded by Joe555, who added:
'This show was a complete surprise. I got an email from Martyr's about 5 days before the show & decided to go (for 7 bucks why not?). My fellow taper buddy John told me he would be there with his video cohorts so we made a mission out of it. This is my source in cd format, cleaned up a little with eq. John ran 6 channels: stereo SBD, his Neumann KM184s, & my source, so a mix of multiple sources may be in the future, along with a DVD.

I'll admit to not knowing about any of the musicians, but I'll say they did a good job. Some songs were better than others, not many glaring mistakes (but a couple), but considering that they were reading music, they did well. They definitely made it entertaining, featuring their own Central Scrutinizer puppet that had a video camera zoomed in on it, projected onto a bed sheet that was hanging on the right side of the stage, hopefully the video guys got some of that. Matt Reed was funny as the Scrutinizer. Enjoy!!'



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