the children of invention

French band the Children Of Invention plays the music of Frank Zappa.

patrice ‘patosh’ colet: guitar - vocal
cyril ‘cyro’ torres: guitar - vocal
mina barra: bass
bruno mistrali: keyboards - vocal
benoit pierron: marimba - xylo - vibra
cedric ‘ben'houz’ benard: drums - vocal
swell boaziz: vocal

web-site mp3s

Trough their web-site, some of their recordings are / were made available:



  various artists: zappanale 12
    (2002, cd, ger, arf society)- feat. various artists playing frank zappa compositions

  various artists: zappanale 20 - promo-cd
    (2009, cd-promo, ger, arf society)

zappanale20_procd.jpg (22210 bytes)





the others of invention



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