1968 lp usa mgm
2005 cd uk rev-ola records cd rev 94


nancy nain: vocals
paul album: bass, vocals
dahaud shaar: percussion
jon sabin: lead guitar, mandolin, vocals
ralph kotkov: keyboard instruments, vocals
j spider barbour: rhythm guitar, cicada, vocals

engineered by dick kunc

  1. what will become of the morning
  2. lacewing
  3. cynthia gerome
  4. april grove
  5. father's getting old
  6. 30 poplar
  7. baby, let me show you where i live
  8. fitzpatrick swanson
  9. lake hope
  10. piece of sun
  11. summer in your savage eyes
  12. dr root's garden
  13. the dues are hard
  14. gimme your love
  15. sink in deeper
  16. window shopping
  17. well i can ride
  18. cold and windy city
  19. cynthia gerome
  20. dr root's garden