carneyball johnson

carneyball johnson
    - incl. 'willie the pimp' (frank zappa)

2006 cd usa akron cracker records ac-602

kimo ball: guitars, piano, background vocals
ralph carney: saxophones, trumpet, trombone, slide, clarinet, keyboard, vocals, flutes, charango, percussion
scott johnson: drums, percussion, background vocals, spoken word
allen whitman: basses, vocals, noises

design: david greenberger

produced by carneyball johnson

  1. is everybody ready?
  2. willie vs. the pimp (variations on a theme)  (f.zappa)
  3. interstellar low-ways / watusa  (sun ra)
  4. ska-ing west  (sir lord comic)
  5. (off) white room (bruce, brown)
  6. over, under, sideways, down (dreja, relf, samwell, smith, mccarthy, beck)
  7. cherry pink & apple blossom white (prado, mack)
  8. jackie-ing (t.monk)
  9. intensified festival '68 (dekker)