diego conti / monica de matteis / stefano tagietti

Diego Conti & Monica de Matteis recorded a number of Zappa compositions.


  diego conti & monica de matteis: zappa, lupone, lutoslawski, pärt
    (1994, cd, i, cont cdsm 00194) - incl. various frank zappa compositions
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  diego conti & stefano taglietti: wordless dialogues
    (2001, cd, i, sculture d'aria cd 51018) - incl. various frank zappa compositions
  diego conti & monica de matteis: four rooms
    (2007, cd, i, olga 009) - incl. various frank zappa compositions
  various artists: abruzzo sound volume 5 - nuove frontiere
    (2008, cd, italy, suono & oltre) - incl. several frank zappa compositions


random notes

     from: charles pater
this is a pure classical rendition of songs from zappa's song book. sounds like a zappa sonata for violin and piano with lmtwtb as a real finale.  nice one to turn 'serious classical' people into zappa's music!
recorded in italy,pescare, june 1994

     from the liner notes:
"a great and perhaps a unic linguist, he doesn't mention the thousand styles which he uses in his own artistic production; his laguage "is" those thousand styles, and each of those styles is zappa. his way is many ways."

     from: diego conti (diegoconti@tiscalinet.it)
i've read the nice words c.pater wrote about my recording of zappa's music, and i would just like to say that if someone wants to buy this cd, he can send an e-mail to: diegoconti@tiscalinet.  visit me, if you like!!!
thank you
diego conti

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