cpex - the clement peerens explosition

CPeX, or the Clement Peerens Explosition is a belgian pastiche rock band.
Clement Peerens was a character (performed by Hugo Matthysen) on Flemisch radio show "Het Leugenpaleis". Each week, Clement gave his opinion (in an Antwerp dialect) on various topics of the pop and rock music scene.

With CPeX, Hugo Matthysen (as 'Clement Peerens'), Bart Peeters (as 'vettige Swa') and Ronny Mosuse (as 'Sylvain AertbeliŽn') bring an hilarious parody. Familiar sounding heavy riffs and melodies (AC/DC, The Beatles, Hendrix, ...) are combined with lyrics about the most silly subjects (including a lot of macho blah blah), all sung in an Antwerp dialect.

The band does not perform often as CPeX is an on and off project.
From the 2008 tour on, Bart Peeters got replaced by Aram van Ballaert who became 'Dave de Peuter'.


  cpex: den dikke lu
    (1991, cd5", bel, double t music dtm 940181-2)

cpex_dendikkelu.jpg (41481 bytes)

  cpex: foorwijf!
    (1993, cd5", bel, double t music dtm 950182-2)

cpex_foorwijf.jpg (28050 bytes)

  cpex: vindegij mijn gat (niet te dik in deze rok)
    (1999, cd5", bel, double t music dtm 910813-2)

cpex_vindegij.jpg (31399 bytes)

  cpex: de wraak van moeder fazant op gescheiden vrouwen met een rotsmoel
     (2000, cd bel, double t music dtm 108105-2)

cpex_dewraak.jpg (36237 bytes)

  cpex: masterworks
    (2008, cd, bel, cpex)

cpex_masterworks.jpg (36397 bytes)

  cpex: olraait!
    (2011, cd, bel, cpex002cd)

cpex_olraait.jpg (32982 bytes)






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