the creamcheese incident

October 2002, Breakfastime took part in the first Zappa Hoot Night in Austin, Texas. It's an event where bands play the music of Frank Zappa for a good cause: benefitting the American Cancer Society. His band was called The Creamcheese Incident. They play a couple of times a year.


random notes

    from Breakfastime
    june 2003


I was looking for Zoogz Rift today and found your website-great!  I'm a big FZ fan as well, so it's a been real treat!  I used to go see Zoogz a lot back when I lived in LA, and even played in a band w/some of his guys ( "Mako" Sharkey and Ed O'brien) for a while. 

I have since moved home to Texas and continue to pursue various musical wierdness, playing guitar for Texacala Jones, T. Tex Edwards, Walter Daniels, and others as well as pursuing (sort of) a solo "career" as BREAKFASTIME -the "world's favorite unknown guitarist".  One of my musical ventures is my 'lil 'ol FZ tribute band THE CREAMCHEESE INCIDENT which plays a couple of times a year. (Mother's Day, Halloween, etc.). Although I've yet to get anything on my website  ( ) about TCI just yet, I promise I'm "working on it"!  Creamchz Incident formed last year for a benefit show that looks like it will be a regular thing now.  Called "Frank Zappa Hoot Night", this benefit show features Austin-area musicians (including Terry Bozzio!) doing all Zappa music and the proceeds go to the American Cancer Society.  You can find out more about this event at   or by e-mailing event organizer Mo Pair at

I'm hoping you can add this stuff to your list of artists that cover Zappa's music, if you will.  Thanks.

Another item of interest is a compilation CD being put together of all FZ music-done in surf style!  If you would be so kind as to pass along this info to other like-minded musicians, I'm sure it would make for an even more exciting album!  Contact address is

Thanks a zillion!



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