crosstown traffic

richie III

2004 cd spain hall of fame records hof-024-cd


  nick markham: guitars, vocals, percussion, casio, bass
  sebastiá simonet: drums, background vocals & percussion
  miquel jaume: bass, background vocals & percussion
  carles seguí: saxophone
  josep marias: saxophone
  natalia & fama: background vocals
  est mas: marimba
  tomeu quetgles: background vocals, percussion

  1. the secret hipnotic powers of the frankfurtter sausage

  2. my sheerdog

  3. is it you?

  4. song for today

  5. what's that noise?

  6. sausage#2

  7. alfredo's

  8. dirty love song

  9. doctor

  10. the whole new holyman