the czech frank zappa fanclub

Here's a nice picture of the Czech Frank Zappa Fanclub at the Zappa statue in Bad Doberan, Germany.

The Czech Frank Zappa Fanclub is a busy bunch. These guys have issued T-shirts, cassettes, CD's, DVD's and even a couple of mugs.

If you have been to Zappanale the last couple of years, chances are good that you have seen people walking around in these fabulous T-shirts. Most of these (except for the special editions that come with a CD or a DVD) are 15.00 euro (plus 5 euro for postage).
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The t-shirt on the right was issued by the Czech Frank Zappa Fanclub in 2001.

The below t-shirt "20 Years Of Czech Frank Zappa Fanclub" got issued in 2004.

The yellow t-shirt that is pictured above, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Mothers, got issued by the Czech Frank Zappa Fanclub in 2005. It's available in yellow with blue lettering, and in blue with yellow lettering.

Both the t-shirts on the right got issued in 2006: "Communism does not work" and "Don't forget to register to vote".
As you can see below, you can actually wear them  :-)

 The "Communism does not work" t-shirt has also been made available as a special package: the t-shirt plus a double DVD-set: "The Mother of Invention meets The Velvet Revolution".


The above t-shirt displays "Grow Fins: Rarities 1965 - 82", mentioning the Czech Fanclub release of the famous Beefheart Box.

The t-shirt on the right, "Record Our Band" is another special release: it comes with a CD recording of the 1980 Rotterdam concert.

The mugs on the right were also produced by the Czech Frank Zappa Fanclub. These are 8 euro each, plus about 5 euro for postage.


The above picture shows some members of the Czech Frank Zappa Fanclub at their tenth fanclub meeting, 2006/11/04, in Moravska Trebova.

The pictures below show the t-shirt that they want to have ready for the next edition of the Zappanale festival.







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