jean chaine

Jean Chaine, bass player, recorded Van Vliet's 'Ashtray Heart' on his 1995 album "Sunk In The Sun".


  jean chaine and his ulterior lux: the dancing man
    (1990, 2lp, switzerland, fazzul music 0816) - feat. markus stauss

ulteriorlux_dancingman.jpg (59856 bytes)

  markus stauss project: new duos 'n' trios
    (1992, cd, switzerland, xopf records cd nr.14)

stauss_newduosntrios.jpg (53480 bytes)

  stauss, chaine, lindenmaier: open
    (1994, cd, switzerland xopf cd nr.21)

xopfcd21.jpg (48629 bytes)

  jean chaine: sunk in the sun
    (1995, cd, ger, atonal records acd 3020) - incl. 'ashtray heart' (van vliet)

  ulterior lux: adventures
    (1997, cd, switzerland, xopf records cd nr.30)

ulteriorlux_adventures.jpg (28025 bytes)






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