john cale

dance music
    - feat. corrie van binsbergen

1998 cd ger detour 3984-22122-2

music composed and arranged by john cale
commissioned by scapino rotterdam

for nico, the ballet
choreographed & directed by ed wubbe

recorded fall 1997

performed by ice nine (except where noted)
  tineke de jong: violin, musical direction
  jan schoonenberg: viola
  ernst grapperhause: viola
  baptist kurvers: viola
  marjolein meijer: cello
  jasper teule: double-bass
  corrie van binsbergen: guitars
  marc van de geer: piano, synthesizers
  arend niks: percussions

produced by john cale & jean-michel reusser

  1. intro
  2. new york underground
  3. night club theme
  4. modelling
  5. out of china
  6. death camp
  7. ari sleepy too
  8. iceberg I
  9. jim
  10. iceberg II
  11. espaņa - performed by john cale
  12. nibelungen - written and performed by nico