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Graphic artist Steven Cerio designed various concert posters for the Residents. He also did a "Zappa" centerfold for Guitar World Magazine.


  wicked king wicker: evolving
    (2014, cd, uk, cold spring records) - artwork by steve cerio
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Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 2:59 AM
Subject: New Fancy Residents Poster

Howdy Residents Faithful...

Dropping you line today to let you know about a new item that dropped in our lap today.

Out of the Cryptic Corp. "pile of stuff" we pulled a batch of the Steve Cerio illustrated posters, comemorating the Brooklyn, NYC Demons Dance Alone shows at the Warsaw last Nov. Anyhow, these are silk screened, they are signed by Cerio and they are numbered (edition of 300). These particular prints are stamped with the "Official Product" signature stamp so you know it's "OFFICIAL!"

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"Fresch Hell In Fits - A Falsified History Of The Residents"

by Steven Cerio

published by They Eyeball Museum

distributed by Psychofon Records




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