the aynsley dunbar retaliation

to mum from aynsley & the boys

1969 lp ?? arcade records  lp 141

1969 studio recording

aynsley dunbar: drums
victor brox: vocals
john moorshead: guitar
tommy eyre: keyboards
alex dmochowski: bass

produced by john mayall

  1. don't take the power away   (v.brox)

  2. run you off the hill   (a.dunbar, v.brox, j.moorshead, a.dmochowski)

  3. let it ride   (a.dunbar, v.brox, t.eyre)

  4. journey's end   (a.dunbar, j.moorshead, a.dmochowski, t.eyre)

  5. down, down, down   (a.dunbar, v.brox, j.moorshead, a.dmochowski)

  6. unheard   (a.dunbar, v.brox, t.eyre)

  7. sugar on the line   (a.dunbar, v.brox, j.moorshead)

  8. leaving right away   (a.dunbar, v.brox, t.eyre)