dangerous kitchen

Frank Zappa tribute band "The Dangerous Kitchen" describes the music of FZ, american avant-gardist and enfant terrible of rock music like this: "Rock, soul, jazz, dodgy, satiric and sometimes wonderfully ludicrous." This perfect sound is written all over the faces of the nine musicians from the Ruhr area in their Zappa covers, their program includes all the various styles.

Since 2011 offer the musicians with brass and woodwinds, vibraphone, marimba and song for several voices a very intensive and high quality live experience for everybody. Zappa's alive - with the voice of lead singer Holger Auer.

The Dangerous Kitchen performed at the 24th edition of the Zappanale Festival, 2013 08 02.

  dangerous kitchen: zappanale 24
    (2013, dvdr, ger, private release) - all compositions by frank zappa

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