doctor dark

    - all compositions by don van vliet and/or frank zappa

2003 2cdr usa private release

recorded in concert 2003/12/12
at '50 fitch street', new haven, ct, usa

bill saunders: vocals
joe nolan: guitar
travis moody: guitar
bob demarchi: bass
steve chillemi: percussion

  1. sure 'nuff 'n' yes i do
  2. i'm gonna booglarize you baby
  3. low yo yo stuff 
  4. moonlight on vermont
  5. the past sure is tense
  6. plastic factory
  7. electricity
  8. blabber 'n' smoke
  9. willie the pimp (frank zappa)


  1. the blimp
  2. sun zoom spark
  3. doctor dark
  4. ice cream for crow
  5. sugar 'n' spikes
  6. the smithsonian institute blues ( or the big dig)
  7. bat chain puller
  8. veteran's day poppy
  9. steal softly through snow
  10. safe as milk
  11. big eyed beans from venus
  12. sugar 'n' spikes