deja voodoo

Chicago band Deja Voodoo was heavily influenced by the music of Frank Zappa.  They played a Zappa set at the 2000/08 Zappening Festival (a Frank Zappa tribute festival) and have a couple of Zappa pieces ('Blessed Relief', 'Camarillo Brillo', 'Magic Fingers', Muffin Man', 'Road Ladies', and 'Watermelon In Easter Hay') on their repertoire.  Cal Schenkel did the artwork for their first album.

May 2001 Deja Voodoo changed its name to Powderhouse.



random notes

     from: patrick neve (
according to their website they cover blessed relief, camarillo brillo, magic fingers, muffin man, road ladies, and watermelon in easter hay.

     from: andrew starr (
deja voodoo began in chicago, i used to work with them before i moved to denver, they aren't a tribute band, but many members are influenced heavily by mr. zappa.  they have a lot of great original material, and so far have released two discs, with another (double, i believe...) on the way.  check them out, they rock, they played at zappening in illinois this past august  (2000) as well, which they learned a few new zappa tunes for... by the way, cal did the artwork for the first album, pick it up, talk to scott through the website, he can get ya a copy, well worth it!

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