Oscar Cuenca's band DinoZaurios hails from Madrid, Spain.
The band has performed a couple of Frank Zappa compositions in concert, and has some samples up at MySpace as well.

Oscar Cuenca is also known as OZcar Mc Cuenca, the trombone player of Caballero Reynaldo & Grand Kazoo.

  • Alejandro Ollero: Bass

  • Oscar del Ramo: Drums

  • Jesús Tenorio: Tenor Sax

  • Alejandro Morán: Baritone Sax

  • Oscar Cuenca: Trombone, arranger & composer



The band's MySpace included 'The Roadrunner', 'Dinosaur', 'King Kong', 'Four Sticks', 'Sofa', 'Dance Of Maya'.

Pictures taken by Javier Marcote at the 2010/10/01 concert.

  • 2010/10/01 concert

    • setlist

      • Dinosaur (King Crimson)
      • King Kong (F.Zappa)
      • Four Sticks (Led Zeppelin)
      • The Roadrunner (DinoZaurioS)
      • Dance Of Maya (Mahavishnu Orchestra)
      • The Shot In The Dark (Henry Mancini)
      • Sofa (F.Zappa)
      • Beyond The Universe (Rick Derringer)
      • Come Together (The Beatles)
      • Smoke On The Water (Deep Purple)
      • Kashmir (Led Zeppelin)
      • Montana (F.Zappa)
      • The Eternal Time (DinoZaurioS)
      • Sweet Dreams (Eurythmics)




-- info & pictures: Javier Marcote

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