... tot licht

1999 cd  indonesia mello records mmp 365)

studio album, released in 2003

the japanese edition included a bonus track

  anto praboe: lead vocals, suling (bali, sunda & toraja), flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, tenor saxophone
  eko partitur: lead vocals, violin
  fadhil indra: lead vocals, keyboards, electronic percussion, gongs, rindik, kempli, gender
  hayunaji: vocals, drums, kempli
  iwan hasan: lead vocals, el. & class. guitars, 21 strings harpguitar, keyboards, guitalele & strummer violin
  kiki caloh: lead vocals, bass
  krisna prameswara: vocals, keyboards
  nonnie: lead vocals
additional musicians
  andy julias: acoustic steel string guitar   3
  ombat nasution of tengkorak:  growls   2
  godfried l. tobing: classical choir vocals

  1. system manipulation   9:20

  2. "breathe"   8:34

  3. p.e.s.a.n.   5:32

  4. verso kartini - door duisternis tot licht!   12:18

  5. music 4.5 players   7:40

  6. anne   19:23

    bonus track - japanese pressing only

  7. misfortune lunatic