don condor & the texas outpost

Don Condor & The Texas Outpost performed at the Zappanale festival in 2010. The concert featured special guest Denny Walley.

The band performed on Thursday, August 12, 2010 at the Truckstage at the Kamptheater in Bad Doberan.


An article in the local newspaper included a picture of Robert Martin and Ray White, attending the Don Condor & The Texas Outpost concert.


random notes

2010 08

Bluesrock powertrio Don Condor & The Texas Outpost will be playing at Zappanale!
Time to ask Fabio 'Don Condor' Nettekoven a couple of questions.

UniMuta : Hello Fabio. Are you familiar with the Zappanale festival and / or with the music of Frank Zappa?

Fabio Nettekoven / Don Condor :  Yes, I'm familiar with Zappanale. We have been there last year. We picked up Geronimo Black at the airport (son of Jimmy Carl Black). He played there a little jam on my stratocaster. It was a great time, and we found a new friend. It was a great experience to meet this guy. He is a real Texas BluesRock guy, and Jimmy Carl Black has always been a hero of mine...
And, yes, I know Zappa's music. My father is truly a Zappa maniac. He knows everything about everything Frank ever did :) 
Zappa was THE music I grew up with, it was kind of key to the music I now listen to, and that influed me over the years....
Without that early experience of listening to Zappa and all those Zappa influented artists, such as Mike Keneally, Steve Vai and also The Muffin Men, I probably never would have picked up a guitar.

UniMuta : Wow ! So will you be including a Zappa composition in your setlist?

Fabio Nettekoven / Don Condor :  Maybe we'll play some Zappa-esque songs, but we will keep the setlist into blues. We are a blues influenced band, with lot of a "JamBand" character. We will also play some blues stuff with Denny Walley... It`s gonna be fun!

UniMuta : You're a blues guy. What music do you listen to? Who are your favourite artists?

Fabio Nettekoven / Don Condor :  I really love Texas Blues stuff, Texas/New Orleans Funk soul, such as Stevie Vaughan, The Meters, but I`m also a greeeeeat fan of traditional Louisiana Cajun music.
All in all you can say I`m deeply rooted in the Music styles of the SouthStates.
But I really love our german blues artists such as Henrik Freischlader (who is a friend of mine) and lots more... 

Our bass player is mainly a studied jazz guitarist. And you can really hear that in his bass playing.
Stephan the drummer is a good booked freelance drummer who played lots of studio albums for many great german artists, and is mainly rooted in Jazz, PopRock stuff.
And Martin our Hammond and Moog player (who will unfortunately not be at zappanale) is one of germanys greatest jazz piano ane Hammond organ players.

UniMuta : Will you be staying for the entire festival?

Fabio Nettekoven / Don Condor :  Yes ! And we'll bring lots of friends, girlfriends and family members :) Let`s have some fun!  

UniMuta : Yes, and having fun is what Zappanale is all about.

Don Condor & The Texas Outpost and special guest Denny Walley will be performing on Thursday, August 12, 2010 at the Truckstage at the Kamptheater in Bad Doberan.
This is something I don't want to miss.


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