double up

german duo double up recorded frank zappa's 'bobby brown':

  double up: bobby brown
    (1999, cdsingle, ger, marlboro music 74321 67470 2) - 'bobby brown' (frank zappa)

  various artists: sailor moon - friends forever - vol.7
    (1999, cd, ger, edel records) - incl. double up: 'bobby brown' (frank zappa)

random notes

     from: j petteri kursukangas (
yesterday i witnessed something i didn't think i'd ever see: an fz remake by a '90s pop group. i was browsing through the channels and stopped on a german music channel, viva. the reason i stopped was the song info: "double up - bobby brown". i was confused.  was this a bobby brown (y'know, the whitney houston ex-hubby) original, or was this a song called "bobby brown"? i got my answer when the chorus came along...
"hey there people, i'm bobby brown..." amazingly enough, the chorus parts were very true to the original, in fact, i thought that fz's voice was somewhere in the mix. wouldn't know, though. the verse parts of the song were lame quasi-rap kinda mumbling by a pretty chick.  the choruses were "done" by some hunk who played the part of bobby brown in the rather ridiculous teenage-themed video. i have no clue what or who or where this "double up" teenage rocking combo is.

     from: "bossk (r)" (
this is really funny! i did a search on altavista for +double_up+bobby_brown and found my way to the german site
which has a sound sample of the "bobby brown" remake, a little picture of double up and the description:
das erste und einzige offiziell autorisierte remake des zappa-klassikers, pršsentiert vom jungen "double" kim und marcel. the first and only officially authorised remake of the zappa classic! i'm gonna have to buy this shit :)

     from: dr. istvŠn fekete (
the description j petteri kursukangas gave you about this one is correct. there is not much difference between the two versions.  it begins with a girl rapping slowly for about a minute and then a guy comes in singing bb then the girl again then bb... the chorus really sounds a little like the way fz sang it.  but they left out some verses from the original version, especially the one with the f word.  well, it is not the first cover of bb, and not the best either. the rest of the cd is unlistenable crap.

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